This is my Valentine’s Day present from Steven (aka the best boyfriend in the entire universe). To provide a little background information on why this video means so much to me, here’s a copy of the email Steven sent to Shane Henderson explaining our relationship and my obsession love for Valencia:
As for her name, it’s Laura. She is probably one of your biggest fans and even named her pet fish after you. She wears one of your signed guitar pick on a chain around her neck. She has multiple signed posters from you and the rest of the guys in the band. And I’m not even going to begin to list off the amount of merch she has. 
As for her and I, we both post a lot of Valencia related things on tumblr. One day we stumbled across each other’s blogs and began talking about how much your music means to the both of us. It has changed both of our lives in positive ways and gave us each a better outlook on life. 
Fast forward to May of last year, I had just broken up with my ex not too long before then. At this time I had also moved back to the suburbs of Philadelphia after being in Florida for six years. Surprisingly, the area I moved to was just ten minutes away from Laura’s house. This lead to the two of us meeting up and we hit it off from there. 
One of our first dates was seeing Valencia at the Montgomery Mall last summer where we waited in the pouring rain so she could talk to you. 
If you can just take this all into account and thank her for being such a fan, along with relaying how much I love and care for her, that would be the best. 
This whole thing means a lot to me and it will make her entire life. Thanks again man.

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